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The ending of an absurd-supernatural-fiction movie, A Ghost Story, definitely would leave some of questions for the audience since it’s pretty loopy and unsettling. Here’s some explanation about the ending of the movie.

Two same ghost in one frame

Writer and the director David Lowery, the last scene was spontaneous. Though Lowery wrote the time loop into the first draft, he didn’t initially anticipate the unsettling shot with the two ghosts.

“We had done three takes of that shot, and then I thought, ‘When we shot this earlier for the first version, the ghost was standing at the window, so shouldn’t he be there? And if he could see the ghost next door, couldn’t he also see himself?’ I didn’t want to get too bogged down in rules, but it seemed like a nice visual reference to what’s happening. When we saw it on camera that day, we thought it really brought the movie home in a significant fashion.”

In some point, it’s actually seems meaningful and match with the based theory of what would ghost see in his spectral dimension. From the beginning, he witness how the times and life passed by in front of him like a ‘movie projection’. On the last scene, the ghost can see his past, it’s his past event projection of his earlier time after his death, the time loop, and he need to escape himself from that loop.

 What was in the note?

In the beginning of movie, M was talking about her childhood ritual when she moved.

“When I was little and we used to move all the time, I’d write these notes, and I would fold them up really small and I would hide them in different places, so that if I ever wanted to go back, there’d be a piece of me there waiting. They were just like, old rhymes and poems. Things I wanted to remember about living in that house or what I liked about it”

First of all, It doesn’t matter what’s written in the M’s note. Some of mediocre audiences might end up craving so hard for revelation, what’s written in that note. But it’s not necessary to reveal what was M writing in that note, it might give some complicated feeling to the audience or seems so cliché, like another romance story, because more or less the audience might think about something romantic. The important point that audience only need to know is that finally the ghost can see what’s written in that note, he relived, and then free from the loop. The note is a piece of his wife, and he loves his wife, It’s a strong feeling that he still can’t let go and trapped him in that house. It could be something meaningful for both of them but not for the audiences, so there’s no point to showing it.

David Lowery said it so too.“Nothing written there would mean anything to the audience at that point, and it would just complicate that moment — you’d see something, process it, and then wonder what it means.” And he also joking around with his crew that it could be something goofy like ‘boo’.

But for you who might still craving for some explanation; take a look again to what was M said, ‘They were just like, old rhymes and poems’. C once composed a song for M, she was listening to that song once again before moved out from the house. The note might contain with some of lyrics from that song.


[REVIEW] A Ghost Story (2017) ‘A Documentary about Loss and After Existence’


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Rotten Tomatoes: 91%

Passionate young couples, unexpectedly separated by a shocking loss, discover an eternal connection and a love that is infinite.

David Lowery successfully visualised an unspoken feeling about love and loss through A Ghost Story.  And a troubling questions that rise from your curiousity in your late-night-thought before sleep; why there’s an entity like me,  what happens when I’m dead, what is afterlife, what’s beyond, and other frustrating questions that you don’t know the answer yet.

A Ghost Story demands your patience as an audience. This movie is developing in a slow pace. Started by showing the audiences the main nameless couples with initial C (Casey Affleck) and M (Rooney Mara) with theirs very common daily activities such as; cuddle in sofa bed, talk about M always buried a little note every time she moved from her house, sleep in the night, cuddling a bit, a small talks about should they keep the piano, but if you watch it and involve your feeling from the beginning, you wouldn’t mind to be patience and enjoy every little things that happen between C and M in that house. Aren’t those all of the little things you did with some you love that would mean the most once the moments pass? A profound foundation of your feeling toward someone you love build from every single little things, you’ve been through together in some period.

This movie also has a minimum dialogue, it’s more into its visual appearance. It’s not like the actor gave extra effort to show every emotion they should present to the audiences; they are seems do the act effortlessly, in a good way. Rooney Mara successfully delivered the feeling of losing someone she loves. Even a very long scene for only eating pie in silent would makes you sob. More over Casey Affleck, he’s only covered in a white sheet with eye holes cut, and walking around the house, for this one we should appreciate David Lowery to come up with this unique-childish idea, it should be funny then, but somehow he can execute the idea to make this ghost form from children imagination into something absurd, gloomy, and melancholic.

A Ghost Story is not a horror story, like how a ghost crossed over from spectral world to interfere the living, it’s a documentary of ghost, in his cosmic journey, linger around in the place that holds this entity because  he was having a profound and strong feeling in that place. This movie also framed in 1:33:1 aspect ratio, a typical frame to show memory scene in a movie or some of documentary movie.

It’s not a movie you can watch casually by eating popcorn or cuddling with your partner, it’s almost like reading some kind of philosophy book about human existence. You need to involve your feeling and mind to get the idea and enjoy the movie. A Ghost Story will haunt your mind for a short period after the credits roll as you carry on your life.

Writer Rating: 9.5/10

[REVIEW] Death Note (2017) ‘Another Failed Live Action Movie’

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Rotten Tomatoes: 40%

As most of anime or manga fans know, the original Death Note is one of masterpiece and a legend in an anime or manga community. With that popularity, some of movie production house was interested to adapt the the anime into a live action movie. First Death Note movie adaption was in 2006. Produced by Japanese production company and it was quite well-rated. And then come again, still produced by production company in Japan another live action of Death Note was released in 2016 and it was under-rated.

And last year, Netflix, an America movie streaming website aired Death Note (2017) live action in American version. Took set in America, with American actors and actress. And through time to time, Death Note Movie adaption is getting worse. And this version from Netflix is definitely the worst.

Story Adaptation

Death Note (2017) isn’t really adapting the original story from the anime or manga version. They just take the main idea of a notebook which can kill people if you write down their names on that book and some of characters adaptation too. But they have made up the whole story line.  They have turned a genius mystery psychological anime into a common American teenager supernatural movie with a touch of romance and 80’s vibes. The story plot is rushing and too fast, they try so hard to summarise a 12 volumes long manga series into a movie with 101 minutes duration. They changed some of characters personality that made it possible to involve some of romance that isn’t necessary. It’s not a psychological with genius trick and secret maneuver between L and Light Yagami, the main two characters in this movie.

Character Design


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Most of anime or manga character designed as an eccentric unique person. L is everyone sweetheart in the original story, super genius, mysterious, and weird. While Light Yagami is an idealist and smart high school student who own the Death Note, that everyone hates to love. And there Misa Amane a cute obedient Gothic girl who love Light blind (never mind, she’s an annoying character in any version). And this version of Death Note changed Light into Light Turner, as a common typical of American high school boy. And L, still weird and mysterious, but, emotional and impulsive. It makes a slow genius pace of Light and L brain games turned into and fast pace games, both of them are careless and impulsive. While Mia (another name they gave reference from Misa)  Surprisingly turn into a dominant crazy girlfriend who take over Light Turner and begin to obsessed  with the Death Note more than Light Turner. In the original version, Misa is simply a follower of Light that would do anything for Light because she’s falling in love with Light unconditionally and Light Yagami took that situation as an advantage.


If there is something we can enjoy about this movie, it might be the soundtracks. But again, the soundtracks seems irrelevant to the show. It’s a supernatural psychological movie in 2017 but why would they choose 80’s pop romantic songs on their playlist? The vibe this movie tried to build has an unclear concept and makes the audience probably confused.

Overall Death Note Netflix version in 2017 is just another typical supernatural chic teenager movie. Maybe some of the audience would tell the anime or manga fans that they are trying to compare this version with the original one but, even we are not comparing it to the original story version, u can see there is nothing special about this movie.

Writer Rating: 4.0/10

[REVIEW] Raw (2016) ‘The Next Level of Human Desire’

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Rotten Tomatoes: 90%

There are three words to describe Raw movie in short; Gore, Sensual, Aesthetic.

Raw is another great debut movie by a French director,  Julia Ducournau, about Justine (Garance Marillier) a vegetarian young girl, who just entered veterinary school who discover her secret desire after tasted raw meat for the first time. Raw is an aesthetic gore movie, with some blood, fleshes, and bones, but it well-directed and somehow it doesn’t looks disgusting or disturbing like a common gore movie. It wasn’t the intention of the director to exposed the cannibalism issue in this movie in a vulgar way with bloody scene like a some kind of crazy psychotic director, Julia Ducournau is a genius.

Cannibalism in this movie is a metaphor of human desire. As the audience can see, Justine is a virgin 16 years old girl, starts her first semester in a remote veterinary school, she’s a young girl in a verge of coming of age. She is learning and discovers something new, just like another common teenager who face something new for the first time and get really curious, then curiosity leads to the next experience. The first time Justine eat meat, she thinks her desire is just for animal meat, until in some point, it’s more than just a desire to eat animal meat, or raw meat, she’s craving for human flesh.

Raw is exaggerating the definition of human desire, uncontrollable youngster desire during puberty. The story picked cannibalism not to expose the gore visual of it but, the essential of cannibalism desire. A deep desire toward something, in this case is sexual desire. After Justine discover her hunger, Justine started to feel sexual explosion and check out her male roommate Adrien (Rabah Nait Oufella). Her lust is definitely different from other, it also contain with hunger. It’s like I can’t get enough, I want to eat you.

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The story line is well-written and has a pretty shocking ending, but it’s not that mind-blowing, it’s just simple, and enough to explain everything.  The movie picked a nice scoring and cinematography concept, that makes this movie visually beautiful and gloomy, they are matching with the whole theme of the movie.

Overall, Raw is an original screen adapted movie with a common issue of cannibalism (I mean there are some of movies before about cannibalism) but, the director is brilliant to looking for another perspective in cannibalism to metaphor human desire.

Writer rating: 9.6/10

[REVIEW] Insidious: The Last Key (2018)

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Rotten Tomatoes: 31%

Metacritic: 49%

Insidious: The Last Key drags the audiences once again to the supernatural dimension with Elise Rainer (Lin Shaye) as the main character for these sequels. This time we will witness Elise’s miserable childhood, who accidentally released a demon into the world for the first time under the basement of her old house. Thought it was only her past, but the nightmare still haunted her. And once again she has to deal with the demon she brought to the world.

From the first sequel, Elise Rainer has always been the center of the story who leads the audience to experience the paranormal activity that linger and interfere the living. Even some of the sequels were connected to each other in a whole story. This is one of the good point of the movie, especially for the audience that followed the franchise. It bring some excitement to the audience how Elise Rainer seems like “a bridge” to every sequels.

But the problem is when a horror movie isn’t really scary. We shall know the difference between memorable terrifying moment and a short jumpscare. This movie only contain with some of jumpscares like an under-rated horror movie (it is under-rated). It isn’t scary or horrifying; it just makes you shocked with visual and scoring effect. The audiences might also get a wrong expectation from the trailer. The trailer shows some creepy and quirky vibes with bizarre creatures. But in the movie, the script writer lack of bring up the demon as the main issue here, they are too focused on Elise Rainer nostalgia story than bring up the horror in the movie through the demon. It’s also failed to makes audiences scared when the movie revealed then whole figure of the demon, because they are already failed from the start to mold audience’s interpretation for the demon.

Overall, Insidious: The Last Key is an emotional movie but, it’s not horrifying enough to make the audiences scare and having a nightmare when they got back home and sleep. They’ll just wake up and forget this movie like another common horror movie.

Writer rating : 5.0/10



It: Chapter One (promoted as It) is a 2017 American supernatural horror film directed by Andy Muschietti, based on the 1986 novel of the same name by Stephen King. The screenplay is by Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga and Gary Dauberman. The first of a planned duology, the film tells the story of seven children in Derry, Maine, who are terrorized by the eponymous being, only to face their own personal demons in the process.

I’ve watched it’s first adapted miniseries, It (1990) directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, with the iconic Pennywise starring by Tim Curry. Comparing with the new one, I prefer to choose the new one and yeah, it has higher rating from the old one.
The miniseries was pretty boring for me, It wasn’t well directed. The only thing I might appreciate from the old miniseries is the performance of Tim Curry as Pennywise The Dancing Clown. Comparing with the new one staring by Bill Skarsgard, it designed to be creepy and meant to be scare people. It was a good performance thought. While the old one designed as a common colorful clown, they weren’t exaggerating it and it still creepy because of the storyline and his act, it was a brilliant performance.
I like all of the aspects in this movie as a horror movie. It well-directed, the storyline is clear and straight to the point (comparing to the old one, each since wasn’t unity). The character design is interesting and fun, exactly like how Stephen King would create a character. The touch of humor is great too, it’s not constantly terrifying, because that would be less authentic. So I should said the screenplay is well-written adapted from the work of Stephen King. There’s still a “touch” of Stephen King typical style in the movie, just like from the novel. The cinematography match with the scoring, and that’s a crucial point in a horror movie in my opinion.
So, last point; It’s a horror movie, did it terrify me? Yes, it did. I was watching It alone in cinema and I did scream for a couple times, and laugh too, and laugh while terrified. It was an interesting feeling while I watched it.

Get Out


Get Out (2017) is directional debut American horror film of Jordan Peele. Follows a young interracial couple who visit the mysterious estate of the woman’s white family. The idea of the story is quite interesting. Bring up some racial issue from the director darkest fantasy. I’m not sure how to write a review about this movie because I’m afraid I might spoil something. Got some spoiler from this movie might ruin your interest while watching it, hmmm maybe not your interest but, the sensation. The movie start with mysterious things happen around that makes you stay to figure it out, what it is really happening?
It’s well-directed, the cinematography is really great, match with the scoring, it’s thrilling. Feels like watching one of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, with color and nice filter. There are some of bloody and sadistic scenes but it successfully wrapped, so it doesn’t looks gore and disgusting like a cheap horror movie. It well-written, like I’ve mentioned, the premise is quite interesting. It has a great story development, how time by time everything seems wrong and we find out things that blow our mind.
As a debut work, I should said it a success for Jordan Peele start directing horror movie. I’m looking forward for his other works with this genre.
Hmmm like I said, I can’t review much about this movie because I won’t spoil things (or maybe I’m just lazy because I have a lot of reviews to write lately)